About Us


"Ancora Imparo" is Latin for "I Am Still Learning"

Ancora Imparo Equine Center is the embodiment of a vision created by local equine professional Stacia Langille. Located at Driftwood in Northfield New Hampshire, we are a team inspired by the legacy of community created by Rob and Bri Gallo. It is a place for learning, for building confidence, for aspiring to excellence, and for enjoying the journey. 

About Stacia Langille:

Ancora Imparo Equine Center is the embodiment of a vision inspired by those who have touched my life. It is the culmination of my vision for what a a boarding and educational facility should look like. My life has led me through many paths, with successful professional experience as an instructor, trainer, and farrier. I have spent time in many different equestrian settings in a variety of roles, and the insight I have gained during this time is reflected in the spirit of excellence and community that we pride ourselves on at AIEC. My current work is multi-faceted,  ranging from continuing to enjoy my professional life with my successful farrier practice, to teaching and building the wealth of programs and services offered at AIEC. I am available for all questions pertaining to the management of Ancora Imparo Equine Center, as well as any questions related to horsemanship or farriery.