2017 1st Cut TESTED Hay AND Optional Supplement Balancer

  • 42-44 lb Bales $7/bale (2017 First Cut)
  • Custom Supplement Balancer for our Hay
    • $2.50 per Daily Serving (w/ 20-22lbs hay) OR $300 per 40 lb bag (120 servings)
    • Top dress on "grain" (we can recommend a several options). 3 oz Ground Flax Base, 2000 IU's Natural Vitamin E. Selenium, Protein, Forage Trace Minerals 4:1:4:4 (Fe:Cu:Zn:MN) custom blended to hay.

Did you know that a lot of hay this year is testing higher than normal for iron and manganese? This often happens in years with high rain fall! Without testing and balancing your hay year, this year you may not end up with sufficient copper and zinc to balance out this increase... which can result in issues for hooves, skin, coat, and metabolism!

Our hay this year has been tested by Equi-analytical, and test results can be provided. It is well with the margins for ESC and Starch, and as such is safe for metabolic horses! This is a very reputable test, as opposed to the variability found in so many of the "free" tests available. It is done with a hay probe using multiple bale samples.

Our bales are weighing in at 42-44 lbs, which is a very convenient size when you consider the 20-22 lbs of forage your average 1000lb horse should be consuming each day!

We will have hay in stock year-round, and will test each delivery as it comes in!

In addition to hay, we are offering for optional purchase the Custom Supplement that we feed to our own horses. This blend is custom developed based on our hay results. It balances the forage trace minerals to 4:1:4:4 (Fe:Cu:Zn:MN). Mixed in a 3oz Ground Flax base, it also includes Iodine, Selenium, Vitamin E, and Lysine. We recommend top dressing this on 1-2 lbs of a suitable base "grain."

This is a research-based diet that appeals both to the nutritional requirements of the horse, as well as the benefits of a forage-based diet. The supplement is fed based on the lbs of hay being fed. Therefor, an increase in caloric needs due to exercise (or other needs) will also increase both the amount of hay and supplement being fed!