Focused Horsemanship

From Leading to Lead Changes:
Confidence through Competence

Offering educational programs for select clients.

Please contact me directly for an introductory meeting.

Lessons and Training Session $65/hour or $300/6

We have a number of very qualified traveling professionals offering training and lesson programs at Ancora Imparo. Please contact me (Stacia) directly, and I will gladly help you find your best fit! Additionally, Outside trainers and instructors are encouraged and welcome! They must provide a "Certificate of Insurance" and embrace our spirit of inclusiveness. To request a certificate of insurance, your instructor should contact their insurance company with the following text: "Please forward a Certificate of Insurance to with Ancora Imparo Equine Center as the named insured. The address is 52 Peverly Road Northfield NH 03276, and phone number is 603-731-3144. This certificate is required prior to my first scheduled appointment on __/__/____. Thank you!"